Question For the Nerds
Why does my cell phone video not capture the bright yellow flash of our fireflies in the twilight on the longest day of the year, even though it is bright enough to easily capture the cars driving by in the street? I see short faint white streaks.

Remembering my father, George O. Chester. (1916 - 2016)

Here he is on his 100th birthday, when he ate three pieces of chocolate layer cake with ice cream.

The Time for the Fireflies has arrived. They are not flies, nor bugs, but flying beetles emitting bright and cold light as part of their search for a mate. They were everywhere in our yard this evening during dusk. There are ONLY happy memories of these living lanterns.

Here’s the best video I’ve ever seen about eating Durian. All my Thai friends loooove durian. We bought some on the street in Thailand, but it was sub par, not the really good stuff. So I have not experienced the joy this guy displays. Ours did smell verrrrry bad.

I got news that my LG phone was all set to be upgraded to Android 8.0.0 Oreo. It’s been out for more than nine mos, not a beta, pretty well tested, I hope. Oreos were one of my father’s favorite foods after he was over 100 yrs old. Now I gotta learn how to use this new Oreo!

Bought the Pantheon paperback ed of The Complete Fawlty Towers at the Salvation Army today, which has the scripts for 12 of the episodes. I was gonna skip it, as I’d much rather watch the videos. But sat down & read the first 12 pgs of one & kept laughting out loud!!

I read the WWDC keynote starts at 10 am Pacific time, which means folks don’t have to roll out of bed very early. Wired says you need an Apple device or MS Edge browser to watch the live stream of the keynote. I have neither one, so I’ll just see what makes it to

Here’s a microcast from NPR with the busboy who comforted Robert Kennedy secs after he had been shot. Thousands of young people from the US & Vietnam were killed in war & in America both MLK & RFK were killed, all in 1968, a year in the 60’s that totally sucked.

It’s Bob Dylan’s birthday. Like me, born during WW II, he is one of the Lucky Few, our most brilliant writer & singer. He first became famous with the Freewheelin’ album, walking down the middle of Jones St with Suze Rotolo. Click below the image for a nice Bob video.

My Static HTTP Bibliography Website May Not be Banished by Google After All

Blogger now provides HTTPS for custom domains. I had previously noticed that my Blogspot blog there had already been changed over to HTTPS by Google. A friend with technical expertise here on has generously sent me instructions for how to convert my HTTP bibliography to HTTPS. Verrrry kind of him! I will likely do a long-form update to my previous posting on this subject and then I’ll try out his instructions. If it works, I will reveal his name, but only with his permission. Maybe he wouldn’t want all the technically challenged folks with old HTTP static sites beating a path to his door. He reached out to me of his own accord, an impressive example of the quality of nerdom we have around here.

I’m getting rich. I just cancelled my Microsoft Azure account that was costing me $1.17/mo. Just like with my Amazon AWS account, I no longer need it because of Manton Reese and his hosted site here on

I just saved myself about $10/month. I closed my Amazon AWS account that I opened a long time ago to setup some blogging software. I never got the software running, setup was way over my head. Then I discovered Manton, who’s hosted sites made my blogging life easy.

First day of work on our new roof & the six guys have already torn off three layers of shingles on the back half of the house & put down the roofing felt over most of it. Working here on steep second story roof, as if they were at ground level!

It was 80 deg F here today, spring bursting out all over. But our Christmas Cactus is positive it is time for Christmas again. We’ve been watching it carefully for the last three days, exploding into full bloom today.

A surprise find at Salvation Army today, a thin paperback of T. S. Eliot’s poetry on cats. Cat pics on social media are often maligned as low brow, but this literary great, the 1948 winner of the Nobel Prize, saw fit to write about them. Andrew Lloyd Webber did okay too!

My Workaround for Dealing with the Annoying Bug of Losing My Place in the Timeline

My Kickstarter time with a Manton hosted site on ran out, so now I’m on the $5/month hosted site plan. An annual payment would be nice, but the monthly payment via my credit card is all automatic, so no big deal. Of course I’ll still be limited to using the web interface on my Win 7 Ultimate PC, my Toshiba Chromebook and my LG Android phone.

The least pleasant of these three is the Android phone, because when I leave the Timeline to read a conversation, I nearly always find myself at the top of the Timeline again when I return. That’s annoying, a bug, a drag! I can easily avoid this on the PC and on the Chromebook by opening a link in a new browser tab, reading the conversation there, then killing the tab when I’m done.

I suppose there might be an easy way to do this on the Android phone, but I don’t know what it is. Maybe I should take some time to actually learn how to use Android. But in the meantime, I worked out a simple workaround.

As I’m reading down the Timeline, I use the Favorite button any time there’s a posting that interests me that has a Conversation button. I resist the urge to just click on Conversation and read it then and there, because I’ve learned that I’ll likely end up back at the top again when I’m done, that damn bug. So I click on Favorite instead and then go on to the next item in the Timeline. I make my way all the way to the bottom of the Timeline this way. I’ve been doing more marking than reading.

Then I click on Favorites at the top of the web interface and read the conversations for each of the threads I saved by clicking Favorite. I start at the top of the Favorites. When I click Conversation on that first one, I’ll go off and read the thread and when I’m done I’ll click on the back arrow to go back and I’ll be at the top of Favorites again. But now I’ve throughly read that first thread, I’m done with it, so I click on Unfavorite and poof, it is gone. So I take the thread that is now at the top and repeat the same procedure to read and then unfavorite it.

Easy and no wasted effort spent scrolling down to find where I last left off. I’ve been told that Apple devices can suffer from this same bug of returning to the top of the Timeline when exiting from Conversation view, so maybe my workaround would work for them too. There is one small gotcha with my method. It usually takes a while to load the Favorites again every time I click on the back arrow. But I still prefer this quiet moment with a blank screen to scrolling down the Timeline looking for my place in it.