It’s interesting to see some posts of 1,200 characters & even one of more than 3,300 characters appearing on the Home feed. Is a change coming? I’m sticking with my 280 character postings for the time being. If I need more than that, I put it on Blot and point to it from here.

An interesting couple in Thailand followed me today on Twitter. It reminded me that I do get some good content there. I should remember to post there some, even though it is a silo & can be contentious. My feed is usually pretty uplifting & you never know when you’ll get a gem.

Taking my usual Baby Steps, I dipped my toe into the water of footnotes with my Blot blog. The results amazed me. What a simple platform for producing nice results. I don’t pay for a server in the cloud & all my data is in my own Dropbox folder.

For my next Baby Steps on my blog, I followed the Blot instructions on how to display an image. It wasn’t hard at all. I only had to make one new folder & copy one format from the help page. I had an image up within 30 seconds. It’s all here. 😄

Warren Buffett: “He {his father} believed very much in having an inner score card & then never worry about what other people are thinking about you. You know, just a, you know why you’re doing what you’re doing. That’s good enough.”

I see a lot of talk about Webmention. Manton says he is writing about it in his book. It’s all beyond me! I post on Microblog directly on the website. I now have a Blot blog for longer form writing. If I want to point to it here, I post a message with the link. Simple enough.

A HUGE FIND. In the Alan Ginsberg Archive at Stanford is a tape Ginsberg made chatting with Dylan before the Dec 1965 SF concert & then the show, which Dylan asked him to record!! No previous tape of this!

I flunked out of Stanford again this morning. Damn! I’ve had variations of this dream dozens of times. It always wears me out, because I try so hard, for so long. I got my degrees at Oberlin & UC Berkeley and took only one class at Stanford, got an A. Is Hypnos torturing me?

After a lot of driving around on the freeways in the Bay Area, my wife pointed to the gear shift knob and said, “You have six, but only use four.”

Got me to thinking, how much would I have saved if I had bought only the first four?

Going to Silicon Valley today to get my newly rebuilt car, then to our monthly radio club meeting. Mechanic says a slightly different gear ratio in my new transmission means top speed at red line in 6th will be 180, instead of 170 mph. Hah! Just what I’ve been needing. 🚗 🚔

A change in the Microblog interface? Before: click on the word Follow on the profile for a new person & it would soon change to saying Unfollow. The last 3 times that didn’t happen. Broken? No, reloaded those pages & they now said Unfollow, so the Follow click had indeed worked.

My computer guy has my new server working & I wrote my first test article. Just a test, as my domain name is not yet in place. Then I went on a domain spending spree at Namecheap. Got one for every possible purpose!! 💻

Today I got interested in a discussion about how to find people to follow on Microblog, so I ending up writing about that on my Blot blog. So far the Microblog platform is working very well for me, far better than any silo. Onward!