Is That a Fork in the Road I See, Up Ahead?

I own two domains that are not yet in service: and, where myname = ronchester. I pay the $5/mo for a hosted spot here and it’s been very easy to use from the start, though more limited than what the Apple folks can do with their apps. Until recently the only pin I didn’t have activated here was my own domain name. Should I put one of my idle domains to use here?

Or would it open up a can of worms? I want easy. I see lots of folks here having exchanges with Manton about getting their blog to work they want. I’ve never had to bother with much of anything like that. Would there be some advantage to my using one of those domains, that would offset whatever pain it took to get it working? And how much pain would it likely be?

Yesterday I started writing a long-form blog article, some of which discusses this platform. It’s up to a nine minute reading time so far. I don’t want to put it on Medium, as I want to own my own words. I also have a static Blot site where I’ve done some writing, so I could put it over there. Or put it here?? I like the community here and the engagement I’ve gotten here since the beginning. On every other blogging platform I’ve used in the past (many!) it has been a solitary activity. But would such a long piece be out of place here? An elephant in the room of the short and sweet?

Any free advice from the peanut gallery would be welcomed, from any on you, not JUST from manton, jack, colinwalker & cdevroe, but those four have sure given me good advice in the past. I’m inclined to listen to them. But please, any and all, please speak up. Believe me, I’m all ears, although my large nose is probably my most prominent feature. Got it from my dad.

If anyone has paid advice to offer, please forward your proposal to my business manager: ;-) Oooooh wait, I think I read that last bit after the fake domain name, with the hyphen in the middle, shows that I’m old. Well yes, I am. Maybe the oldest one on this platform. Thanks in advance to any of you youngsters who might help! If you don’t believe I might be the oldest, you will, once you’ve read the long piece I’m writing. Help out an old man and impress your Boy Scout or Girl Scout leader of ages ago!

“I have never in my life made music for money or fame. Not even Thriller . . . No way. God walks out of the room when you’re thinking about money.” Quincy Jones This guy knows music!!

Maybe win a bar bet with this? [Rule on the Game Clock.]{…} The clock runs out. If this happens during a play, the current play continues until the ball is dead. So the Viking touchdown counts. I didn’t know the rule. Refs did. 🏈

NFL [Rule for the game clock.]( The clock runs out. If this happens during a play, the current play continues until the ball is dead. So the Viking touchdown counts, even with the game clock at zero!

I started filling up my Retirement Fund in my middle working years. Extra money & even a lot that wasn’t extra, went into books and radios. When we moved, we needed a giant truck for all the boxes of books & records. I’ll be ready, when the time comes. 📚📚📚

Just finished reading a terrific book written by a guy born & educated through high school in my home town. It tells about how folks lived in Central Illinois in the 1930’s. National Book Award Finalist. Maybe a kid’s book? Nah! 📚

Maybe the deep freeze is about over. Early this morning it was 24 deg F and the forecast is for into the 50’s in three more days. That means our snow will all melt and things will get sloppy around here for a while. And no more need to sit over heating vents.

I just signed up for an account on and then enjoyed a terrific performance of Franz Liszt, Piano Concerto No. 1 in E-flat Major. The cymbal player got a front-row seat & at the end Martha Argerich insisted that he take a bow with her!

We went to a friend’s Christmas party last night & this morning we woke to the first snow of the season on the ground. Maybe Santa will be able to come after all.

New US Tax Law

The President signed the new tax bill yesterday (22 Dec 2017) and it is now law. So far I have found three articles that give useful details about the new law. I recommend that everyone read all three articles.

Details About the Law
From CNN Money on 22 Dec 2017
It is important to note that the changes for corporations are permanent, but those for individual returns are good for only eight years, unless renewed by Congress.

Details About the Timing of Changes
From The Washington Post on 22 Dec 2017
The new law takes effect on 1 January 2018, but the Obamacare individual mandate does not end until 1 January 2019. So if you have not had health insurance and you plan to continue to have none, you will likely have tax penalties related to this to be paid with your 2017 and 2018 returns. Those penalties will not be incurred for tax years 2019 through 2025.

Things That Could Reduce Your 2017 Taxes
From The Washington Post on 22 Dec 2017
If you will be able to itemize deductions on your 2017 return, you might be able to lower your 2017 taxes by paying in extra money in 2017 for property taxes, state income taxes and charity. The most workable of these three is to make more charitable payments, as they will be deductible on your Schedule A, even if you are subject to AMT tax on your property tax and state income taxes.

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My beloved Zoe, a rare female orange cat (80% are male), on 24 Aug 2010. She lived over 10 years, but now gone almost four. She was a great cat; strong, independent, and my friend.

VisiCalc Changed My Life in a Big Way

Yesterday was the anniversary of VisiCalc being first released in 1979. It changed everything in my life. I bought an Apple II+ solely to run VisiCalc & it immediately made my job as the Controller of two corps, including one with seven locations, far far better!

I may still have a copy of the original program in shrinkwrap among the tons of boxes we’re moving to our new home. For some reason I bought two copies and only opened one. I just discovered that it’s creator Dan Bricklin makes it available to download and run on a PC on his website. Once we’re settled in our new home and I have access to a working PC again, I will definitely download and install it!!

VisiCalc set a very high standard for life-changing apps. Even with all the gee-whiz capability of the modern smartphones, nothing else has had such an impact on my life.

No more slamming doors downstairs, no more neighbors fighting, no more rap music at 3 am, no more cigarette & pot smoke from the neighbor patios, no more waking to morning alarms heard through thin walls, no more landlords, ever. We are nearly completely moved out.

The move has made me aware of how tied to my desktop PC I am. It’s the last thing I want to pack away in a box, afraid I might need some information in it. It has the liability of being big, immobile & requiring AC power. I want to shift to having vital stuff on paper.

Going through piles of paper in packing for move. Organized things by category in three ream paper boxes, with 3 labels per box, created in Excel. Very helpful for move, but I think I’ll continue to use the system going forward. Once again necessity has invented good things.

Today we emptied out our 4th storage locker. For the first time in many years, I am no longer paying to store anything. We can do more boxing of things in the apartment tomorrow & it will all go into the shipping container on Monday. Then the long drive to our new home!